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Cleaning Store

We have just launched an update to the Cleaning Store website.

This was another site that uses our eCommerce system but with several additions and upgrades.

We added the ability to deal with both business to business transactions and retail transactions.  The site administrator has the ability to define specific preferences for each customer, or group customers and apply setting to groups of customers. The specific options that can be used include preferences for payment method, shipping method, taxation and price. Each customer can have a different combination of settings whether or not if they are a retail or a trade customer.

Part of our service also included the transfer of all product and customer data from the old Cleaning Store website to the new one. Ensuring the transition was as smooth as possible.

If you have a similar project in mind, that combines both trade and retail sales, feel free to contact us for advice or a quotation.

The cleaning store website can be viewed at

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