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About this site

If you have already seen one of our ecommerce web sites, you may have noticed that this site looks rather similar. That is because it is based on the very same code.

In the same way that a BMW salesman having an Audi as a company car might look suspicious to his customers, if we waxed lyrical about how great our sites were and then used a totally different system to create our own web site, we would hardly be practising what we preached.

This site is actually one of our more basic packages but employs two key plug-ins:

  • Article manager - you are currently reading an article generated within Article Manager. Allows articles to be created, published, re-ordered, suspended and more. For good measure we added the "Add to Facebook, Reddit, Digg etc." icon which allows the page to be bookmarked on Facebook and similar social networking sites. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are fast becoming the way to advertise, and best of all they're free!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plus pack - takes information from the web page and presents it (away from the visitor's eye) in a way that search engines can understand it. Good SEO tools help your site climb the all-important Google rankings.

The site deviates slightly from the standard templates we offer to customers, demonstrating that all ecommerce sites from OneStopEcommerce can be easily customised to suit.

On our To Do list is to eradicate all clip-art from our site (there are 4 instances of this on the front page as we speak). We are not fans of clip-art and plan to replace these rather drab stock images with ones we have taken ourselves.

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